Sunday, December 7, 2008

Game: No Thanks

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No Thanks! is a card game designed to be as simple as it is engaging.

The rules are simple. Each turn, players have two options:
  • play one of their chips to avoid picking up the current face-up card

  • pick up the face-up card (along with any chips that have already been played on that card) and turn over the next card

However, the choices aren't so easy as players compete to have the lowest score at the end of the game. The deck of cards is numbered from 3 to 35, with each card counting for a number of points equal to its face value. Runs of two or more cards only count as the lowest value in the run - but nine cards are removed from the deck before starting, so be careful looking for connectors. Each chip is worth -1 point, but they can be even more valuable by allowing you to avoid drawing that unwanted card.

Teacher Tips

A teacher or librarian may wish to have the students play the game as is or may wish to alter it for certain students. For instance, a teacher created version of the cards with decimal numbers instead of whole numbers may be great for older kids.

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Standards and References linked to this game:
NJ Core Curr
{MA. D.1} Devise strategies for winning simple games (e.g., start with two piles of objects, each of two players in turn removes any number of objects from a single pile, and the person to take the last group of objects wins) and express those strategies as sets of directions. (NJ Core Curr )

{MA.5.4.5 A.1} Learn mathematics through problem solving, inquiry, and discovery. (NJ Core Curr )

{MA.5.4.5 A.2.d} Solve problems that arise in mathematics and in other contexts.
Problems that can be solved in several ways(NJ Core Curr )

{MA. A.1.a} Use real-life experiences, physical materials, and technology to construct meanings for numbers (unless otherwise noted, all indicators for grade 5 pertain to these sets of numbers as well).
All fractions as part of a whole, as subset of a set, as a location on a number line, and as divisions of whole numbers(NJ Core Curr )

{MA. A.3} Demonstrate a sense of the relative magnitudes of numbers. (NJ Core Curr )

{MA. A.6} Compare and order numbers. (NJ Core Curr )

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